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Wescast Hungary Zrt.

Wescast Hungary Zrt.

The technology of the plants is based on the experience of the Canadian plant, which is world-class and also guarantees its safe operation from an environmental point of view.

The main technological process steps of the foundry are smelting, casting, core making, mold making, casting cleaning and finishing.

Our smelting technology and designed system are suitable for the production of traditional, high-strength cast iron and heat-resistant steel products.

Our core production is basically based on the coldbox process, the essence of which is that the quartz sand grains are bonded together without epoxy resin heating. However, we also use the hotbox procedure in our process.

The final step of our foundry process is the “cleaning” of the casting, where the castings and burrs are removed, for which manual, automatic and robotic grinders are available.

Why would you choose us?

Wescast is a global organization with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that use the latest technology in casting, machining and assembly.

  • automotive industry
  • foundry
  • turbocharger
  • machining
  • sand forming
  • exhaust
Wescast Hungary Zrt.


Continuous development in foundry machining.


Keeping our services at the highest level at all times.


Development of our employees for precise work.

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Our company welcomes any industry inquiries and is open to inquiries from new areas.

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From the beginning of the project to the production of the final product, we are actively involved in every work process.

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